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Taking care of our nutrition is a fundamental aspect of health care in general. There is more and more information about the different advances in nutrition, and about how everything we eat affects us.

But, if we want to achieve the best results, the best idea is to put ourselves in the hands of a good specialist. At Clínica ICA we have the best experts in nutritional assistance, who will help you enjoy the best diet and achieve the best results.

But, if we want to achieve the best results, the best idea is to put ourselves in the hands of a good specialist. At Clínica ICA we have the best experts in nutritional assistance, who will help you enjoy the best diet and achieve the best results. 

This service has already become one of the most demanded in our clinic, and here we explain step by step all the reasons why.

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What does nutritional assistance consist of?

Nutritional assistance is a personalized nutrition service that not only takes into account the healthy foods we should eat, but also how they can affect the different processes that our body performs.

In recent years, nutrition can be increasingly personalized thanks to the emergence of nutrigenetics, which consists of studying the relationship between food and genetics of each person, in a completely individualized way.

Nutrigenetics is in charge of studying how eating a certain food influences our genes, in the same way that it analyzes the possibility of suffering any type of pathology related to our metabolism.

In this way, the information obtained is individualized and allows us to personalize the diet to a greater extent to each person according to their characteristics. At Clínica ICA we are specialists in this and we are looking forward to providing you with the best nutritional assistance service.

How does nutrigenetics work?

Nutrigenetics allows us to know how nutrients affect our body, so that they are like chemical messengers. Proteins are in charge of controlling most metabolic processes. It is important to take these aspects into account when choosing the foods that form part of our diet.

What this shows is that the influence that food has on the organism varies depending on the person and that, because of our genetic load, we can develop our metabolism better in all its facets by taking some foods or others.

In our clinic we will start your nutritional assistance with a metabolic and nutritional study that will give us the keys to offer you a personalized diet that adapts to your needs and that will make you feel better than ever.

We consider that nutrigenetics is fundamental in the new currents of medicine. It serves us as a means of prevention to avoid a large number of diseases and to improve our aesthetics in the long term.

    How does personalized nutrition work?

    Once the patient's metabolic data has been obtained, a personalized nutrition project must be created that also takes into account the desired weight loss or weight gain goals.

    The first step is the exact calculation of the nutrients that we are going to provide to our body, such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates. All this will result in a specific amount of calories.

    To lose weight we must be in a caloric deficit that is controlled and not too aggressive. To gain weight, it will be necessary to be in surplus. To this we must add macronutrients to ensure that the loss or gain is done in a healthy context.

    Other tasks we have to take into account when we talk about personalized nutritional assistance are the following:

    • We always have to know what possible intolerances or allergies the patient has. Some very common ones are wheat intolerance, lactose intolerance or peanut or shellfish allergy.
    • Of course, at Clínica ICA we take into account your preferences when building your personalized diet.
    • We always have to take into account the physical exercise we do, as this can accelerate or decelerate the metabolism. In the clinic we also have a nutrition service + training plan.
    • Another important factor is the patient's work or family life, as this can make it very difficult to follow a healthy and balanced diet. Spending a lot of time away from home is often equivalent to eating poorly.

    With all these factors that we have pointed out, our team of professionals will take care of the best nutritional support with a personalized diet with which we are sure to achieve the best results.

      What does nutritional assistance provide us with?

      The personalized nutritional assistance provides us with the evaluation of all our nutritional needs taking into account various factors such as our genetics, eating habits and preferences.

      In addition, all the education that the patient receives about what it means to have a healthy and balanced diet helps in turn to create good eating habits, which are maintained over time.

      Our goal at Clínica ICA is that you do not have the feeling that you are following a diet, but that you are eating what you like while taking care of your health and aesthetics.

        Nutrigenetics helps prevent diseases

        In addition to helping you achieve your goals, when you add the application of our knowledge in nutrigenetics to the professional assistance, we promote the prevention of various diseases of metabolic origin.

        With a good diet, we can reduce the levels of glucose and triglycerides in our blood, which is essential to prevent the onset of diseases such as type II diabetes or any type of coronary disorder.

        Other benefits that we get with nutritional assistance based on nutrigenetics are:

        • Preserving bone health.
        • Modulate fat metabolism.
        • Improve insulin sensitivity.
        • Balance the intestinal microbiota.

        In conclusion, there are numerous benefits related to following a personalized diet. If we add to this, the following of good habits such as the practice of physical exercise, you will get a great physical and mental well-being in the short and long term.

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