Endodontic treatment in the Canary Islands

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Endodontic treatment in the Canary Islands

It is very common that most people do not take care of their oral health as they should, so they tend to postpone the treatments that should be carried out and do not pay much attention to the correct care of their teeth.

At Clínica ICA we have an excellent team of dentistry professionals, specialised in dental treatments such as endodontics, periodontics and prophylaxis. Only here will you find all the services you need to guarantee your oral health.

Endodontics is one of the basic specialities of modern dentistry. As it is a complex and delicate treatment, it has to be carried out by the best specialists. On our website you can find information about all the specialities we work in.

With the latest technology, advanced laser treatment techniques and a great team of professionals, Clínica ICA is one of the best options to work on the health of our teeth, always achieving optimal results.

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What is root canal or endodontic treatment?

When we talk about a root canal or endodontic treatment, we are undoubtedly talking about the most delicate of all the treatments we handle at the clinic. This is because with an endodontic treatment we save teeth that are infected due to poor hygiene or an oral disease.

It is of crucial importance that the root canal is carried out correctly because the affected tooth will be reconstructed on the basis of this. It is very important to correctly treat all parts of the tooth, the nerves and the roots, in order to guarantee a good result afterwards.

The working space is limited, the visibility is sometimes almost nil and the area is very delicate.This is why at Clínica ICA we always have qualified dentists with many years of experience who will achieve the best result.

Thanks to new technologies such as three-dimensional radiography, we have a high quality diagnostic tool at our disposal. This allows us to see the teeth in three dimensions and achieve the best results in disinfection and cleaning of the tooth.

In addition, we use the best quality materials, completely sterilised. The endodontic process consists of removing the tissues inside the tooth, both in the crown and in the roots.

After this process, we can fill the area with an inert material on which we will reconstruct the tooth. It is a delicate process and each step must be carried out with absolute precision.

Why a root canal is performed?

The main reason for performing an endodontic treatment is the existence of a dangerous infection inside the tooth. When this infection takes place, less invasive and more conservative treatments such as a dental filling are not enough, the infection must be completely eliminated.

The aim of an endodontic treatment is to save the tooth that has been affected by the infection. If we do not perform it correctly, the infection will spread and affect the rest of the mouth. At Clínica ICA our mission is to ensure that you recover your tooth without suffering unnecessary pain.

    When is endodontic retreatment carried out?

    Endodontic treatment is a treatment that usually has good results. However, over time, if the infection reappears, the procedure that should be carried out is a endodontic retreatment which is a treatment with more uncertain results.

    When we carry out a root canal, what we are doing is trying to eliminate the infection that has remained in the root of the tooth, and sometimes it is even necessary to re-disinfect all the canals to eliminate living matter.

    The procedure is the same as in normal root canal treatment. At Clínica ICA we understand that the results of a endodontic retreatment are not usually good, so we try to guarantee a perfect service in the first root canal treatment.

    Of course, in case a bad result has been achieved in another clinic, we will do our best to save the tooth. If this is impossible, there are other treatments such as dental implants or apicoectomy.

      Frequently asked questions about endodontic treatment at ICA

      How is a endodontic treatment carried out?

      Opening and cleaning the tooth

      First of all, the organic debris inside the tooth is emptied. It is necessary to respect the plaque and tooth enamel in the process. Afterwards, we apply a localised anaesthetic and open the pulp cavity of the tooth.

      The next step is to remove organic debris from the crown of the tooth, looking for the root to remove the nerves. Once found, we make small incisions to remove all the soft material.

      If we do not clean all the nerves we will not be able to eliminate the infection. The molars are the most complicated part to treat due to their difficult access. In order to achieve a good result in the disinfection and cleaning process, the intervention of a good specialist is required.

      Filling the root canals

      Once we have completed the cleaning and disinfection of the tooth, the next step is to fill it with a completely inert material, which will help us later in its reconstruction.

      The material we use at the Clínica ICA to fill the inner space of the tooth is gutta-percha. It is a material that is completely respectful of our oral health and that will give us excellent and very long-lasting results as a filling.

      For a correct filling, we have to cover all the canals without leaving anything behind, always without going beyond where the root ends. A correct filling has to be meticulous, which is why in our clinic we have the best professionals to guarantee the best results.

      When is an endodontic treatment necessary?

      It will be necessary to carry out an endodontic treatment when the infection of our tooth has caused a cavity that has led to a perforation in the dental enamel. This causes the tooth tissue to become infected inside the tooth.

      It is also necessary in the case of a breakage or severe blow, as well as due to some diseases, we can perform an endodontic treatment.

      What symptoms can indicate the need for a endodontic treatment?

      The most common symptoms are usually severe pain in the tooth or excessive sensitivity to temperatures. The best thing, in any case, is to have regular check-ups to detect this before there is pain or the infection spreads.

      Is a endodontic treatment painful?

      At Clínica ICA we use local anaesthesia, so you will not experience pain during the operation. Once the effects of the anaesthesia wear off, it is normal to notice some discomfort in the affected area during the first few days.

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