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This treatment is one of the most popular in the area of oral health. An aesthetic mouth guarantees us a better presence in public and a great well-being with our own image.

Due to the passage of time, accidents of any kind, or even oral diseases, it is possible that at some point we have lost one of our teeth. Replacing our tooth with an implant of the highest quality is possible thanks to dental implantology.

At Clínica ICA we are specialists in dental implants through surgical placement. We work with a great team of professionals who will restore the appearance of your teeth with incredible results.

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Types of implants

There are many different types of dental implants depending on the size, the surface of the tooth and the materials that the implant itself is made of.

Some of them use materials as resistant as titanium, although the most important aspect is that the materials used are respectful of our immune system. This will prevent future infections in your mouth that could lead to disease.

The function of the fixings, whatever material they are made of, is to join the root of the tooth to our maxillofacial bone so that it does not become detached. That is why it is interesting to study which options will give us the best guarantees in the short and long term.

At Clínica ICA we always use the best materials to guarantee the best results, backed by a team of specialists who will take the utmost care of you throughout the surgical implant process.

As for the implants, we develop prostheses made exclusively from high quality ceramic material. In the laboratory they will be given the shape of a natural tooth, with its enamel and its hardness and resistance properties, so you will not notice the difference.

Thanks to the union of dental attachments and prostheses, dental implantology allows us to recover our functions. We will be able to chew and speak perfectly as well as recover a perfect smile like the one we had before losing the tooth.

We can classify the different types of implants into two main groups:

Endosseous implants

Endosseous implants are the most commonly used. With it, we will achieve a total aesthetic recovery, at the same time as we achieve total functionality in our tooth.

The main characteristic of endosseous implants is that they are integrated into the maxillofacial bone. Once the implant is inserted, we must wait for a period of four months for its screw to finish integrating with the bone.

Within the endosseous implants we can distinguish three subtypes:

  • Cylindrical: These implants are somewhat slower to integrate into the maxillofacial bone, which is why their use has fallen in recent years. The design of these implants has several perforations in which the bone is anchored directly.
  • Screw-retained implants: These are the most common and the ones we work with at Clínica ICA. They have a threaded surface, with which the screw is quickly fixed to the bone. They are comfortable and simple to implant.

Laminated: These implants are only recommended for replacing teeth located in the anterior area of the maxillofacial bone. It is generally aimed at people with little bone.

    Subperiosteal or juxta-osseous implants

    Juxta-osseous implants are characterised by the insertion of a metal frame in the lower area of the gum. In the metal piece, there will be some abutments and it will be there where the prosthesis will be placed. In general, these implants are designed for people who are unable to wear classic dentures.

    With subperiosteal implants, we can work with patients with little height in their maxillofacial bone. However, these types of implants are in disuse as they are much more invasive and require a more extensive surgical process.

      What are the benefits of implants?

      Implants offer excellent results and last for many years. They are also the most comfortable and safest method of restoring our teeth.

      With dental implantology we will be able to eat without pain, and all dental functions will be restored. In addition, the bone structure will be reinforced, as our jaw will be able to work normally again.

      Of course, it is important to mention the aesthetic aspects, as a beautiful smile is restored. The vast majority of prosthetic teeth last longer than natural teeth.

      It is a painless procedure that only requires local anaesthesia. Furthermore, it is an outpatient procedure that does not require hospitalisation.

        Frequently asked questions about dental implants at ICA

        Who we recommend this treatment for?

        The patient must have completed the development of all their teeth. In the case of men, the age is around 18 years, while in women it is usually a little earlier, at 16.

        Obviously, there are no such restrictions for adults. We would only have to make sure that there are no other previous pathologies, tumours in the area or an oral infection.

        When is a dental implant necessary?

        Of course, a dental implant may be necessary whenever we lack a dental piece. The objectives are not only aesthetic, but with all the dental pieces we favour the correct development and functioning of the maxillofacial bone.

        Tooth loss may have occurred for different reasons, from dental diseases such as caries or periodontitis to loss of the tooth due to accidents or specific trauma.

        There is also the possibility that, for genetic reasons, we have not completed the correct development of our teeth and it is advisable to resort to surgery.

        Whatever the cause, at Clínica ICA we are ready to help you personally, offering you the best treatment, with the best possible professional team, which will guarantee you the best results and complete satisfaction.

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