Oligotherapy in the Canary Islands

Recover your health in a natural way

Oligotherapy in the Canary Islands

Nowadays we live in a highly frenetic world, where immediacy is increasingly demanded. Just as you demand that the processes are accelerated, the new rhythms also take their toll on you even if you do not realize it. That's why you've probably experienced fatigue, lack of energy or asthenia.

Well, there is a branch of natural medicine that is dedicated to preventing these types of symptoms with the use of trace elements to restore the body's physiological disorders. This discipline is called oligotherapy.

At Clínica ICA we use oligotherapy to improve your health and well-being in a natural way. Come and meet us and change once and for all the way you feel.

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How does oligotherapy work?

Oligotherapy is the subject that studies the use of trace elements to restore the body to its normal functioning. It uses elements found in all living beings, so it has no toxicity.

At Clínica ICA we use natural elements such as Vitamin C to give the body a boost and return it to its natural state of health. In this way we can repair cells, neutralize free radicals and achieve all kinds of benefits in the body.

Trace elements are essential at the metabolic level because they act as cofactors. A cofactor is a chemical compound that acts as a catalyst in the activity of an enzyme. In turn, enzymes are responsible for helping to achieve the different biochemical reactions that occur in the body, so that if enzymes did not exist the reactions would occur consuming a lot of time and energy.

All this causes that if the trace elements do not respond in the adequate way, the enzymes will not respond either and this derives in certain irregularities at metabolic level. In the person who suffers them can manifest with a dysfunction, or if the dysfunction is accentuated in some type of disease.

What is oligotherapy used for?

As we have mentioned above, the uses of oligotherapy in the Canary Islands are very varied. Even so, it is especially recommended for people suffering from excessive tiredness, allergies, sleep disturbances, anxiety, or similar pathologies.

The main advantage of ICA's trace elements treatment is that only natural substances such as Vitamin C and different minerals are used. These are injected intravenously, and improve different body functions without side effects.

    Oligotherapy treatment

    In these therapies amino acids, vitamin C and minerals are administered intravenously, in order to repair cells and neutralize free radicals.

    • The effect and the immediate response in the organism is safe and effective.
    • Reduces flaccidity.
    • Promotes blood circulation.
    • Controls hair loss.
    • Delays ageing.
    • Stimulates facial rejuvenation.
    • Reduces acne.
    • Vasodilator.

      Frequently asked questions about oligotherapy

      Does oligotherapy work?

      Oligotherapy plays a vital role as a preventive treatment. This is because it contributes to the improvement of the defenses and the strengthening of the immune system. At Clínica ICA we only work with the safest nutrients and minerals, and we take care to study your specific case in order to achieve the best results.

      Are there any contraindications to the treatment?

      The main benefit of oligotherapy is that it uses compounds that all living beings have, that is, they are completely natural and do not contain any type of toxicity or contraindications.

      Thanks to this, we are facing a non-invasive therapy without side effects. If you want to improve your health in a natural way, contact us and we will tell you everything about this intervention.

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