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The area of periodontology is precisely in charge of guaranteeing the health and hygiene of our gums, preventing diseases that affect our mouth directly, such as gingivitis and periodontitis.

The area of periodontics is precisely in charge of guaranteeing the health and hygiene of our gums , preventing diseases that directly affect our mouth, such as gingivitis and periodontitis.

More than 70% of the elderly population has or has had at some time a problem related to diseases of this type, even if it is in a mild version. This is largely due to problems arising from poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle.

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When is it necessary to undergo periodontal treatment?

In order to achieve positive results in our periodontal treatment it is important to detect any possible symptoms early. One of the most important and common symptoms is bleeding when brushing.

Bleeding gums is not something that should be normalised, so it is necessary to take measures when the person is aware of this bleeding. Other very common symptoms that can alert us to something more serious are excessive hypersensitivity, tooth mobility or halitosis.

Undoubtedly the most common cause of periodontal disease is the excess of bacteria that naturally live in the mouth. These bacteria accumulate in general on the surface of our teeth and in the groove of our gums, creating what is known as plaque.

These bacteria, which in small quantities are necessary to protect our mouth and therefore our organism, can become harmful if they accumulate in large quantities. We can suffer lesions in the periodontal tissue, which can lead to a large number of other illnesses.

Types of periodontal disease


Gingivitis is the most common disease when it comes to periodontal problems. It consists of constant and excessive bleeding of the gums, either for reasons of hygiene or due to a specific infection.

When gingivitis persists and worsens, it can cause considerable pain and increased sensitivity when we eat or brush our teeth. Sometimes this disease can lead to periodontitis.


This is a serious and deep infection in the gum, which spreads to other tissues responsible for supporting the tooth. The problem with periodontitis is that, if it is not treated in time, it can lead to the loss of our tooth.

In addition to this, aggravated periodontitis can have other effects such as increasing the risk of cardiovascular accidents, problems with diabetes or even premature birth in women.

    What periodontal treatments do we offer at Clínica ICA?

    At Clínica ICA we are specialists in oral health. We have an incredible team of professionals ready to solve your problems and offer you all these services, always with the best attention and results.

      Periodontal maintenance

      Periodontal maintenance is aimed at maintaining the correct oral health of the patient. In the same way, we will be able to detect and prevent future diseases, increasing the success of future treatments.

      Once we have overcome any disease related to periodontics, at Clínica ICA we can give you maintenance every three months to control the infection from reproducing.

      Later on we will be able to see the need for more maintenance and space out the appointments according to our own requirements. The objective in any case is not to relapse in a disease that we have already successfully overcome.

        Guided bone regeneration

        In the event that we have not been able to detect periodontal disease in time, and this leads to the loss of a tooth, at Clínica ICA we have the best dental regeneration techniques, which will make it possible to place an implant.

        With this procedure, we will make the maxillofacial bone regenerate in the event that this does not occur naturally. This will give us the ability to generate greater stability when placing the dental implant, which will make it more resistant and durable.

        Soft tissue regeneration

        By regenerating the soft tissues of our teeth, we will make any type of inflammation disappear. In the same way, this will allow us to enjoy a better and more complete healing when we have undergone a tooth extraction process.

        Dental bone grafts for implants

        This service consists of placing a bone graft, with which we improve the size of our maxillofacial bone (also known as jawbone). This will allow us to insert implants in people who have little for various reasons.

        Coronary lengthening

        When we undergo a crown lengthening process, what we are doing is increasing the size of the crown of a tooth. First of all, we will reshape the contour of our gum, which will allow us to treat the tooth properly, as it will be more exposed.

        The aim of this treatment is to restore the tooth, as its main application comes when we have suffered a serious cavity or a fracture located in the lower part of our gum.


        This treatment is a minimally invasive surgical procedure in which we cut out a small part of the gum. The aim of this treatment is not so much an aesthetic aim but a question of oral health.

        Obviously we will enjoy both results, as we will keep our oral health in perfect condition and at the same time we will be able to show off more beautiful gums with a much healthier appearance.

        Periodontal surgery

        If we need periodontal surgery, it is because our case of periodontitis is already at an advanced stage. With this treatment we can eliminate all the sources of infection that cause the gums to be detached from our teeth.

        Tooth cleaning/prophylaxis

        Dental cleaning is the most common and most demanded treatment at Clínica ICA in terms of our oral health. This treatment involves the removal of tartar that has accumulated on our teeth due to poor hygiene and the passage of time.

        It is essential to carry out regular dental cleaning. Not only for aesthetic purposes but also for health. Tartar is not very aesthetically pleasing, but it can also cause serious periodontal diseases.

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