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The best blepharoplasty treatment in the Canary Islands

Blepharoplasty is a treatment aimed at correcting aesthetic defects in the eyelids. It is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed worldwide.

Blepharoplasty improves the aesthetics of the face in a short time. It is also a simple procedure with very little risk.

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What does blepharoplasty consist of?

Blepharoplasty is the surgical repair of drooping eyelids. As we age, the structures that are responsible for maintaining and stretching the eyelids weaken, ceasing to perform their function properly and generating a drooping eyelid appearance, making the aesthetics of the face worse.

By understanding the mechanism and anatomy involved in this process, cosmetic surgery professionals can correct the defect, significantly improving the aesthetics and beauty of the face. Blepharoplasty is a procedure that is performed under anaesthesia and leaves minimal and imperceptible scars because it respects the natural lines of the body.

The surgery can be performed on the upper eyelids, lower eyelids or both, depending on the case.

The procedure begins with the preparation of the patient with the necessary measures of asepsis and antisepsis and includes the use of anaesthesia. Incisions are then made along the natural lines where the eyelid and its structures are inserted.

This makes it possible to visualise, reposition or remove the adipose tissue and/or skin that generates the drooping appearance of the eyelid. It is then necessary to close the wound using sutures or glue.

The stitches can be removed within a week. The results will begin to show as the skin recovers and the oedema subsides. This recovery time is necessary for the new configuration of the eyelid structures and to achieve an optimal aesthetic result.

What this treatment is for?

Blepharoplasty can be upper or lower depending on the eyelid to be repaired. Upper blepharoplasty removes excess skin and anatomically restores the groove where the eyelid is inserted. This procedure can be complemented by filling and contouring the eyelid around the eye socket with injections.

Lower blepharoplasty serves to repair the drooping lower eyelid and remove wrinkles in the orbitomalar region (lines between the cheeks and eyes). These are usually caused by excessive fat or adipose tissue. This procedure involves contact with deeper structures, unlike upper blepharoplasty which is more superficial.

    Blepharoplasty in the Canary Islands

    In general, blepharoplasty improves the aesthetics of the face, modifying the aged and tired appearance that wrinkled or drooping eyelids generate in patients, even if they are young. It is a tool aimed at the process of facial rejuvenation.

    Blepharoplasty is a procedure that has very good results. Professionals dedicated to aesthetics and cosmetic surgery can combine it with other procedures such as laser or chemical peeling to reduce discolouration of the eyelids.

      Frequently Asked Questions about blepharoplasty at ICA

      Is it normal for my eyes to be swollen after surgery?

      Yes, as part of the recovery process, the eyelids are usually swollen for at least the first two days, after which the swelling will begin to subside rapidly.

      Due to oedema or swelling it is normal for patients to experience some difficulty opening their eyes. Cold compresses for the first day on the affected area are helpful, and it is recommended to sleep with the head tilted slightly upwards to help the oedema to subside.

      How long does it take to remove the sutures or stitches from the operation?

      This depends on each person's ability to heal and the fact that the skin begins to recover effectively. This process is facilitated by the sutures, which are usually removed in a minimum of 3 to 5 days without leaving noticeable marks.

      When will the bruising from the surgery go away?

      It is natural that there will be a certain degree of bruising and oedema in the area where the operation was performed. The blood will be completely reabsorbed in 14 days or less. In the previous days while this process is taking place, the extravasated blood visible on the skin will change from a dark purple colour to a lighter, greenish or yellowish colour until it disappears.

      Can I exercise after blepharoplasty?

      As with any surgical procedure, some rest is needed to allow the body to recover effectively. Exercising puts us under physiological stress that may slow down the recovery process.

      The oedema or swelling must subside completely before we can begin to exercise gradually. You should wait at least two weeks before returning to your pre-operative exercise routine.

      Can I wear make-up right after blepharoplasty?

      It is advisable to allow the skin to heal for the first few days without applying anything over it. Simple make-up can be used to conceal any bruising or bruising present after 10 to 14 days.

      How long will it take to see the final results of the surgery?

      As the eyelids heal and the swelling subsides, the aesthetic effects of the procedure will be noticeable. The eyelids will look normal at 6 to 8 weeks and the best aesthetic results are finally achieved at twelve weeks.

      Can I drive after blepharoplasty?

      Discomfort and pain present the first few days after the procedure could be factors that prevent you from driving at your best. It is therefore recommended to wait until the pain relief treatment is finished (usually five days) before driving again.

      What is the postoperative period after blepharoplasty like?

      Following blepharoplasty there will be an immediate postoperative period characterised by oedema, swelling, ecchymosis and mild postoperative pain. Eventually these symptoms will disappear completely over a period of two weeks. Once this period is reached, the patient can begin to fully resume daily activities.

      How long does it take to see the results?

      Once the initial recovery process is over, the removal of the oedema and bruising will allow the new appearance of the eyelid to be appreciated. Gradually the eyelid will look normal and over the course of several weeks and maximum aesthetic beauty results will be evident after 10 to 12 weeks.

      How much does the procedure cost?

      Blepharoplasty is a procedure that must be carried out by highly trained and specialised personnel. The cost always depends on the particular case and the previous evaluation given to each patient who wishes to undergo the procedure.

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