Bichectomy in the Canary Islands

Treatment to improve the shape of your cheeks

The best Bichectomy treatment in the Canary Islands

Nowadays there are many people who opt for the extraction of the Bichat balls, also known as the Buccal Fat Pad (in Spanish: "Bolsa de Grasa Bucal": BGB). This is a fat pad that forms under the cheeks and is removed by means of a plastic surgery called Bichectomy.

Bichectomy in the Canary Islands aims to remove the buccal fat pad tissue in order to achieve the reduction of prominent cheeks. Great artists how Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Anniston, Kim Kardashian and many more, have decided to undergo this surgical procedure to improve their features.

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What is a bichectomy in the Canary Islands?

It is a minimally invasive surgical procedure in which Bichat's Balls, a type of fat pockets that form in the cheeks, specifically under the cheekbones, are extracted. They are not glands, so they do not have any specific function in this area of the face, they only give volume to the face.

Their removal not only makes your face look aesthetically slimmer and slimmer, but with bichectomy you will notice that your cheekbones are much more defined.

You will begin to see the results after the first month. A plus point of this procedure is that fat does not reappear in the area.

How does the bichectomy procedure work?

After the consultation with the specialist doctor at the Clínica ICA, the process to be performed will be determined after the exploration of the area and the excess fat in each cheek will be assessed.

The surgery is usually performed under local or general anaesthesia.The operation takes a maximum of more than 1 hour, so hospitalisation of the patient is not necessary. The patient must remain under observation for a certain period of time, but generally in less than 24 hours you will be able to go home without any problems.

The operation is performed through a minimal incision on the inside of each cheek, of approximately 1.5 cm, to remove the excess fat in the cheekbone. As it is an internal surgery through the mouth, it will not leave visible scars.

    What is a bichectomy in the Canary Islands?

    A bichectomy is a surgical procedure that is mainly requested by young women between the ages of 25 and 35, with the aim of aesthetically achieving facial slimming and greater definition of the cheekbone.

    The appearance or formation of these Bichat balls does not represent a health risk for people. However, it can be a disadvantage for those seeking a defined face, as this fat creates a certain volume in the cheek area, creating a rounded face figure.

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        Frequently asked questions about bichectomy at ICA

        How is the postoperative period after a bichectomy?

        Although it is a very minimally invasive operation, the specialists at the Clínica ICA recommend that you rest for at least 24 hours after the operation, as well as keeping the compressive bandage that is applied after the operation for a couple of hours.

        It is important to follow the surgeon's instructions, such as how to apply ice to the cheeks to help the postoperative process, specifically to reduce swelling in the operated area.

        If recommended by the doctor, try to take antibiotics after surgery to help the healing process and avoid any infection. Also, remember to follow the special diet offered by your doctor to help your recovery.

        How long does it take to see the results?

        Generally, the results of the procedure can be seen a couple of days later, when the face is completely deflated as one cheek can sometimes look more swollen than the other.

        However, you will be able to see the results with the naked eye within a month of the operation.

        How much does the treatment cost?

        The price of this surgery will depend on the extent of the surgery. The exact price is obtained after an assessment in the clinic by a specialist. Book your consultation and we will study your case carefully to see exactly what is needed in your situation.

        Will bichectomy in the Canary Islands leave scars?

        No, as it is an operation inside the mouth, the scars will be internal and once the bichectomy wound has healed, they will not be visible.

        What can I eat after the operation?

        As it is an intervention that affects the mouth, you should try to follow a diet indicated by the specialist to avoid hurting the surgical area.

        The specialists at the Clínica ICA recommend that after the operation you should only consume liquids. Afterwards, the indicated diet should be followed to avoid consequences or problems.

        How often is a bichectomy performed?

        It is only performed once, which is clearly a positive aspect.

        Once the bichat balls have been removed, they do not reproduce again; so you will enjoy a more defined cheek at all times.

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