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Otoplasty treatment in the Canary Islands

Otoplasty is a type of plastic surgery performed on the ears aimed at correcting aesthetic defects. Anyone who has fully developed ears, usually after the age of 5, can undergo this procedure. 

It is a medical procedure that must be carried out after a satisfactory preoperative evaluation. At Clínica ICA we have a team of expert specialists who will evaluate your case and tell you what is necessary in your case and if otoplasty is the best alternative.

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What does otoplasty consist of?

In general terms, otoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that allows you to modify, alter, modify or change the shape and size of your ears. It is a very useful procedure to correct defects how, for example, large ears of natural size (macrotia), very small ears (microtia), presence of preauricular appendages or excess cartilage (poliotia), irregular shapes, tears, concavities, or absence of folds among other problems.

It is very common for the shape of the ears to cause discomfort to patients, which leads them to choose to undergo this cosmetic procedure. There are several alternatives that allow great results to be obtained. The scars are imperceptible and there are techniques that involve the use of permanent sutures to mould the skin cartilage without the need for large incisions.

How otoplasty works in the Canary Islands?

Before the operation, the patient is prepared for the procedure. With the use of sterile fields and abundant asepsis and antisepsis measures, the surgical area is cleaned. At the same time, the anaesthesia equipment is prepared to sedate the patient and minimise any pain that may occur.

It is at this point that the incisions are made and the surgical technique comes into play: the surgeon will use the edges of the ear and its helix and antihelix folds to modify the size of the ear and its cartilages, taking care to work on the posterior region of the ear.

If there is a need to make an incision on the front of the ear, the surgeon will use the natural folds to hide the scars and make them imperceptible. On the other hand, in order to maintain the natural shape of the ears and not weaken them, the plastic surgeon will use internal sutures that will strengthen the cartilage after the procedure.

The incisions will be closed with the corresponding sutures respecting the surgical technique to avoid deforming the auricular cartilage. Finally, as the wounds heal and the healing process is established, the removable sutures will be removed. The scars will be hidden in the natural lines of the ear or the grooves of the cartilage as far as possible.

    What is otoplasty for?

    Otoplasty in the Canary Islands is a medical and cosmetic procedure that has the following benefits: 

      • It helps to correct defects in the auricular cartilage. 
      • It allows the size of the ears to be modified.
      • It serves as a treatment for macrotia or prominent ears.
      • It allows patients to feel better about their personal image and appearance.
      • It modifies the structure of the auricular cartilage and gives it a different appearance, respecting the anatomical limits.

    Frequently asked questions about otoplasty in the Canary Islands with ICA

    How is the postoperative period after otoplasty?

    After surgery there is a recovery period, which usually ranges between 4 and 6 weeks. During this period the cartilage will finish healing and adopt its new shape after the procedure. However, after surgery the difference will be noticeable immediately.

    Usually young people, adults or children undergoing surgery can return to their daily activities within the first week after surgery. However, it is very important to avoid strenuous exercise and trauma for at least one month to avoid undoing the surgery or complicating the healing process.

    Will otoplasty affect my hearing?

    No. Otoplasty is a procedure performed on the pinna and its cartilage without modifying the anatomy of the inner ear or ear canal.

    Can I exercise after surgery?

    It is not recommended to exercise during the first days after otoplasty and it is recommended to avoid intense exercise during the first month to avoid damaging the sutures and complicating the postoperative period.

    How long does the surgery take?

    Surgery time is usually one hour per ear, although this varies depending on the technique used and the complexity of the defect to be modified. The surgery is usually performed on an outpatient basis and general or local anaesthesia may be used depending on the clinical case.

    Is otoplasty painful?

    It is not a particularly painful process, although the plastic surgeon will generally prescribe analgesic medication for any postoperative pain or discomfort during the first 7 days. In addition, 48 hours after surgery, the bandages will be removed, relieving some of the pressure sensation the patient may feel.

    How long does it take to see the results of otoplasty?

    After surgery the results will be noticeable once the bandages are removed. The surgery is very efficient and the appearance improves immediately after the postoperative period is over.

    How much does the treatment cost?

    The costs of this surgery vary according to each case and will depend on the previous medical evaluation made by the surgeon to determine the best approach with the best aesthetic results.

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