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Female Intimate Surgery

The advance of technology has meant that almost any complex or problem we may have with our physique can be solved. 

There are operations and treatments of all kinds, more or less invasive, that improve our appearance and our health. Having a young and healthy appearance throughout our body is more important than we sometimes think.

All these advances have given rise to female intimate surgery, which is a type of surgery that corrects all the defects or imperfections that make us feel self-conscious about our genital area.

The vulva and vagina can undergo changes in their appearance, size and functionality. There are different factors that can lead to this, such as excess weight, age, menopause or the usual after-effects of pregnancy.

Although it is an area that is not visible in most cases, giving beauty to our intimate area can bring us a lot of happiness and wellbeing. This has made intimate surgery one of the most demanded operations at Clínica ICA.

cirugía íntima femenina

What does female intimate surgery consist of?

At Clínica ICA we use the best and most recent technology to solve all the aesthetic problems we may have in our genital area. We can reconstruct and improve the appearance of the vagina and vulva, also improving its functionality.

When it comes to surgery in the intimate area, we have several different operations available in our clinic:

Genital lift

The genital lift is a surgical procedure whose function is to remove all the excess skin in both the labia minora and the labia majora of the vulva. This excess skin can be really uncomfortable on many occasions, as it bothers us when we have sex, when we do sport and in many other activities.

This operation consists of making a cut or incision that will later allow us to remove all the excess skin, so that the area is thinner and tighter. We will achieve a much more aesthetic appearance while improving the functionality of our intimate area.

This operation is especially recommended for people of advanced age or those who are overweight, as these are the two main factors that can create excess skin in the intimate area.


    Labiaplasty is a type of surgery whose function is to correct imperfections related to the size of the labia of the vulva. There are two types of labia, the labia majora and the labia minora, in which there can be different types of accumulation of both fat and skin.

    If the excess skin and fat is located in the labia minora, we must remove all the excess skin from the labia minora until the labia majora can protect them naturally.

    If, on the other hand, there is excess fat in the labia majora area, the level of fatty tissue in the labia majora must be reduced. This will allow the excess skin and fat to dry and then be removed.

    In both cases, we will achieve a vulva with a much more functional and harmonious appearance, with fully proportioned labia majora and labia minora.

      Reduction of the mons pubis

      Sometimes there is localised fat on the mons pubis that makes a woman's most intimate area look unattractive, especially when wearing tight clothes or leggings. This treatment can help to put an end to this problem in an effective and definitive way.


        Hymenoplasty is a surgical procedure that repairs and reconstructs the membrane that covers the entrance of the vagina; this membrane is known as the hymen. It is composed of fibrous and elastic tissue. A hymenoplasty reconstructs this tissue by restoring it.

        Female genital rejuvenation

        Female genital rejuvenation combines some of the above treatments in order to restore our vagina to its former health and functionality. The treatment takes several sessions, but guarantees incredible results almost immediately.

        At Clínica ICA we will study your case carefully to tell you which type of operation is best suited to your needs, as sometimes we may suffer from other problems related to the health of our intimate area that may require other types of treatment.

        Frequently asked questions about female intimate surgery at ICA

        Is it necessary to perform an operation on the vulva or vagina?

        The answer will depend on two main factors. Firstly, aesthetics, which is a value that can be tremendously important, but it will depend on how it affects us on a personal level.

        On the other hand, there are various health reasons that may justify or even make it necessary to have surgery in our intimate area. Especially in the case that we feel pain and discomfort in our sexual life or when carrying out other activities of our daily life.

        Is this operation for me?

        Each case is completely different and must be studied individually. At Clínica ICA we will always offer you a first orientation session, in which we will evaluate your medical history, possible pathologies and which treatment is best suited to your needs.

        Does the operation hurt?

        Not at all. This type of operation requires anaesthesia in the vast majority of cases, so the treatment is completely painless. After the operation, it is normal to feel slight discomfort until the incisions have healed. Of course we can take some painkillers to reduce this discomfort.

        How long will it take me to get back to normal life?

        The answer depends on the type of operation you have undergone. Healing time can range from a few days to a month.

        However, most post-operative discomfort will not prevent us from returning to work and doing most of our daily tasks. We will just have to be careful with other activities how we do sex and sport.

        How will it affect my sexual relations?

        During the first few weeks, you may experience discomfort in the intimate area when having sex. This is perfectly normal as the area needs to finish healing. 

        However, once the recovery process is complete, intimate surgery greatly improves the quality of sexual relations, so both you and your partner will notice the difference.

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