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Microblading in Clínica ICA

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing method, hair by hair, which allows the person who wants it to show off a natural and perfect eyebrows. In this way, the person can completely forget about having to make up the eyebrows. This method is designed to improve the shape of your face.

Nowadays, it is normal for both men and women to shape or make up their eyebrows because it is something that directly affects the composition of your face and the configuration of your image. Fortunately or unfortunately, the abuse of eyebrow plucking, scars, lack of symmetry or not having enough eyebrow hair (for whatever reason), a very large group of people do not feel comfortable with their own eyebrows. In response to all these needs, and above all because it is normal that you do not want to make up your eyebrows all the time, the microblading technique has arisen. Microblading restores their shape and gives them a completely natural look.

Microblading is based on tebori, a traditional Japanese tattooing technique. It is applied with a tool similar to a beveled scalpel that can hold up to 14 needles, the size of which is considerably smaller than the needles used in micropigmentation or tattooing. With these needles the liquid pigments are introduced into the superficial layer of the skin, to give the eyebrows a more natural character.

It must be said that it is a method that is practiced freehand, so it is absolutely essential the expertise of the professional who performs it.


What exactly is microblading?

  1. The first thing the specialist will do is take a series of measurements of your eyebrows to calculate the design that best suits you. He/she will have to take into account your averages and facial features.
  2. Once the measurements have been taken, the professional will paint a simulation of the eyebrow on your skin with a pencil so that you can get an idea of the final result.
  3. The most appropriate pigment color is chosen by assessing the natural hair, skin tone and eye color. It is usual that just after practicing this technique the result is a little darker than the desired color. As the days go by, the shade will change to the desired one.
  4. Before starting the technique, a cream that serves as an anesthetic for the area in question will be applied, so that you will only notice slight discomfort.
  5. The specialist will fill in the gaps in the eyebrow hair by hair. He/she will make small cuts in the superficial layer of the skin and will deposit the pigment, using the pen mentioned above. Once the skin has absorbed the color, the area is cleaned.
  6. Subsequently, the specialist will use a medical silicone to cover the eyebrow for 24 hours and will indicate the best habits for the recovery of the eyebrow.

After some time and healing, we recommend a small touch-up to fix an excellent result.

What is microblading used for?

Microblading is used to restore or retouch your eyebrows, that is, it serves to change the size, thickness and shape of the eyebrow. Regardless of gender, for both men and women, and your skin tone.

This way you will not have to make up your eyebrows every day and you will always have a striking look, since your eyebrows will be designed to be harmonious with the rest of the face.

    Get perfect eyebrows with microblading

    The advantages of microblading are as follows:

    • Increases your eyebrows density if they have lack of hair, for whatever reason.
    • Natural and realistic finish, which adapts to the shape of your face.
    • Natural eyebrow color.
    • No more daily eyebrow make-up.
    • The result lasts approximately one year.

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        Frequently asked questions about microblading at ICA

        Microblading vs micropigmentation

        The most fundamental difference between these two techniques is that micropigmentation produces a less natural result. While microblading produces a more precise finish and the hairs are more natural. Microblading is more superficial than micropigmentation.

        Tebori is not an electric instrument, so the result will depend on the skill of the specialist.

        On the other hand, microblading is cheaper than micropigmentation and achieves a more striking look.

        How much does microblading cost?

        The price of this treatment is around 200€ approximately. However, the exact price will depend on your needs and how your treatment will be performed, so you will need to book a consultation at ICA to receive a personalized quote.

        Is microblading safe?

        Microblading is safe for everyone except if you suffer from diabetes or take certain anticoagulant or allergic medications. It is also contraindicated for pregnant women.

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