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There are numerous treatments available for weight loss. Each one has its particular characteristics, its pros and cons, and that is why we have to know them all well to make the best possible decision.

One of the most demanded treatments by patients who come to our clinic is the gastric balloon. It is a treatment with which weight loss occurs quickly and effectively, and is one of the most effective to control the dreaded rebound effect.

The gastric balloon is perfect for all those people who have previously tried a large number of treatments or diets without achieving results. At Clínica ICA we can guide you step by step through the whole process to optimise weight loss.

With the gastric balloon, an increase in satiety is achieved and therefore, the amount of food eaten is less, so it will be easier to improve and redirect our eating habits to healthier ones.

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What are the advantages of the gastric balloon?

The gastric balloon treatment allows us to lose weight and achieve a better body, with a minimally invasive and very safe method. It is perfect for improving our diet and making our habits healthier.

With the gastric balloon we will be able to reduce the size of our stomach with a quick and painless process. The operation will never take more than half an hour, so we can finish immediately and go back to normal life. 

The technique is very minimally invasive, so it is not necessary to go to hospital. In our own clinic we have all the necessary instruments to carry out the operation successfully.

No incisions of any kind are required, so the tummy tuck does not cause any discomfort or leave unsightly scars. In a few days we can return to work and our daily routine without any consequences and in perfect condition.

As soon as we implant the balloon in our stomach, we will start to lose weight immediately, improving our self-esteem and also reducing our anxiety and our relationship with food.

Step by step of the Gastric Balloon

First of all, the first thing to do is to have a complete medical check-up to determine the general state of health, metabolic and hormonal analysis, to guarantee that the treatment is safe for our organism.

A few days before the intervention, we will have to follow a liquid diet and take a stomach protector. This will be essential to ensure that the balloon will be well tolerated by our stomach and that there will be no further complications.

To insert the balloon, we will need to perform an endoscopy, so we will introduce a small line that will go from our mouth to the stomach. The balloon will be empty when it is inserted, and then filled with a sterile saline solution.

Of course, we will use anaesthesia during the process, and in less than half an hour we will be completely finished. It is normal to feel some stomach discomfort after the procedure.

Once the procedure has been performed, the entire postoperative process is monitored on a regular basis. At Clínica ICA we have an excellent nutritional follow-up plan to check our habits and avoid the dreaded rebound effect that could cause us to regain the lost weight. 

After 6 months, the gastric balloon is also removed endoscopically, in a process very similar to the one used to insert it. Two days before and a few hours after the operation, we must avoid eating solid food.

    For whom do we recommend the gastric balloon

    Patients suitable to undergo gastric balloon treatment are all those over 18 years of age with a Body Mass Index between 28 and 40, that is to say, who are in a state of obesity type I or type II.

    If you simply have a few extra kilos, the gastric balloon is neither useful nor necessary. The best thing to do is to consult Clínica ICA for a specialised nutrition service to help you lose those few extra kilos.

    The gastric balloon is for people who have gained weight drastically due to health problems or an unhealthy lifestyle. It is a safe way to lose weight, as you start to lose weight from day one.

      Frequently asked questions about the gastric balloon at ICA

      How is the postoperative period after inserting the gastric balloon?

      As it does not require hospitalisation, the patient leaves the clinic on foot and in a couple of days can return to work and daily activities without any problems.

      As it does not require hospitalisation, the patient leaves the clinic on foot and in a couple of days can return to work and daily activities without any problems.

      During the first few days, a soft diet must be followed, guided by one of our nutritionists. The following two weeks will be a semi-soft diet, and little by little we will be able to incorporate solid foods, always making sure that we tolerate them without any problems.

      The key to the postoperative period is the first six months, as not only will we lose the most weight, but we will also have to acquire the healthy habits that will prevent us from regaining it.

      Once the six months have passed, the postoperative period ends with the definitive removal of the balloon. It will take less than half an hour, and we will first remove the saline solution and then remove the balloon.

      No solid food may be eaten for 3 days after the procedure, and no liquids may be drunk for 12 hours before the procedure.

      What are the results of the gastric balloon?

      It is not a miracle treatment. A change in habits is necessary to avoid the rebound effect and to guarantee the best results.

      An average of 10 to 30 kilos can be lost in the process. This is an approximate average, but at Clínica ICA we have patients who have lost up to 50 kilos with healthy lifestyle habits.

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