Breast Surgery in the Canary Islands

Access to the most demanded treatment in Spain

Breast augmentation, reduction, lift and aesthetic treatment.

The professionals at Clínica ICA will help you achieve the breast you have always wanted. It doesn't matter if you are thinking of having a breast augmentation or reduction, or if you want to solve any aesthetic imperfection: with us you are in good hands.

What does breast surgery consist of?

Breast surgery allows you to give your breasts the shape you want. Thanks to the latest technology in the sector, you can achieve natural results with the greatest peace of mind and confidence.

At Clínica ICA we are specialists in carrying out the most popular treatments in the field of breast surgery. Our team of surgeons has been performing breast augmentations, aesthetic corrections and prosthetic implants for years.

How breast surgery works?

In a first consultation, our medical team will evaluate your case and what you want to achieve with the breast surgery treatment. In this first session we will advise you so that you can decide which treatment is best for you, as well as telling you step by step how the procedure works.

On the day of the intervention, once you arrive at our facilities, we will proceed to perform the operation you have chosen. Breast surgery is performed in the operating theatre under general anaesthesia, and generally takes between one and two hours to complete.

Breast augmentation in the Canary Islands

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that allows you to achieve a fuller breast or to raise the profile of your breasts. This procedure can be carried out using two different techniques: with prostheses or with the patient's own fat (breast lipotransfer).

Mastopexy or lift

Mastopexy is an operation that allows the sagging breast to be lifted.

There are two ways of lifting the breast: the traditional one, which requires a T-shaped incision and leaves a more visible scar; and the breast lift with breast prostheses, which causes a minimal and practically unnoticeable scar.

The choice between one procedure or the other will depend on your situation and the results you want to achieve.


Aesthetic adjustments

At Clínica ICA we also take care of all kinds of imperfections and aesthetic problems in the breasts. Some of the most frequent are the following:

  • Inverted nipple.,
  • Tuberous breasts..
  • Sagging or loose breasts.

Frequently asked questions about breast surgery

How is breast augmentation surgery?

Breast augmentation, restoration or reduction surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. The procedure that is carried out:

  • A small incision is made in the skin on the side or under the breast.
  • The implant is placed between the breast tissue and the pectoral muscle or behind the pectoral muscle. the choice will depend on the needs of each case.
  • The incision is closed and covered so that It can heal.

The procedure usually takes about two hours.

Is it necessary to be admitted to hospital with breast surgery?

No. Today the patient can go home the same day as her operation. There may be some discomfort in the days following the operation, but in general it is a very quick and uncomplicated procedure.

Will breast augmentation leave scars?

At Clínica ICA we design our interventions to leave hardly any scars. Generally, breast implants are performed through areas how the areola or the submammary fold, which allow us to achieve very good results while leaving very little visible scarring.

How long does breast surgery last?

The durability of your surgery depends largely on the technique we choose for your case. At Clínica ICA we work with the best implants in case we decide to choose that option, so they have a lifetime guarantee.

On the other hand, if we opt for an intervention with your own fatty tissue, the durability of the intervention will be even greater.

Do breast implants hurt?

All breast surgery operations require an incision to be made, so you may feel discomfort during the days following the operation. Also, in the case of implants, you may feel a sore-like sensation due to the nature of the treatment.

However, in most cases the discomfort of breast surgery is very tolerable and disappears within a few days.

Where do I have breast surgery?

At Clínica ICA we have three centres in the Canary Islands: two in Tenerife and one in Las Palmas. Contact us and we will help you find the most convenient clinic for you.

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