Spider veins treatment in the Canary Islands

Improve the appearance of your legs with our modern treatments.

The best treatments for spider veins in the Canary Islands

There are a lot of women and men who have to deal with varicose veins and spider veins. This is a fairly common skin problem among the population; and eliminating them can be a great aesthetic improvement.

The health risks of spider veins are very small, so what they generate are mainly aesthetic problems. At Clínica ICA we know that improving your appearance is something fundamental; and that is why we offer you the best treatments for spider veins in the Canary Islands, carried out by a team of experts and with the latest technologies.

tratamiento de arañas vasculares en canarias

What are spider veins?

First of all, varicose veins and spider veins are not the same thing. Although they belong to the same family, the two skin conditions are distinct.

Varicose veins are long-lasting accretions of the superficial veins. On the other hand, spider veins are clusters of veins that are smaller and finer than varicose veins. They are also visible on the skin at the superficial level, but their color is red or blue and their size is smaller. Their appearance is similar to a spider's web, hence their name.

Beyond the aesthetic aspect, spider veins do not usually manifest symptoms. Generally, the biggest problem they can cause is some kind of itching in the area. However, eliminating them can be a big step in improving our appearance.

Although both are more common in women than in men, our treatments for spider veins in the Canary Islands are aimed at people of all types.

How spider vein treatment works?

Laser treatment for spider veins is based on using a pulse of light that passes through the skin and is transmuted into heat. This is assimilated by the hemoglobin of the affected blood vessels, coagulating the vessels and promoting their liquidation.

This treatment for spider veins in our clinic in the Canary Islands gradually decreases their size. At the same time the discomfort they may cause is eliminated, and the appearance of the affected area, usually the legs, is significantly improved.

Throughout the treatment the doctor will cover the patient's eyes with protective goggles. Then the laser will be applied to the affected areas, the patient may feel a slight burning. At the end of the session, the area will be redder than usual.

The treatment for spider veins in the Canary Islands is a method that is based on several sessions of about three quarters of an hour for each session. As it is a non-invasive procedure, after the consultations you can resume normal daily activity immediately.

    Is spider vein treatment safe?

    As with all laser treatments, after treatment for spider veins at Clínica ICA it is necessary to reduce sun exposure as much as possible. However, beyond this the treatment is completely safe and will help you improve the appearance of your legs in record time.

    At Clínica ICA we only work with the safest and most advanced techniques. If you want to eliminate your spider veins once and for all, book your appointment with us and we will be happy to assist you.

    Frequently asked questions about spider vein treatment

    How much does it cost to remove spider veins?

    Depending on the treatment, the area and the amount of spider veins to be removed, the price will vary. At Clínica ICA we offer 100% customized estimates for each of our patients.

    During our first free consultation we will study your case in detail and we will offer you a quote adapted to your case. Come and visit us!

    How many sessions are necessary?

    As with the budget, the number of sessions needed to solve this problem depends on each person, the amount of damaged vessels and the degree of vascular reactivity.

    The treatment for spider veins in the Canary Islands usually lasts a couple of months and the results are evident from the first consultation. 10 days after the first session the damaged appearance of the affected area decreases in a very evident way.

    What are the causes of spider veins?

    Spider veins occur when the vein pathways in the affected area widen or dilate, causing blood to flow backwards. They usually appear green in color because the blood passing through the veins is deoxygenated.

    These are some of the factors that increase the likelihood of developing this condition:

    • Age.
    • Pregnancy processes.
    • Use of oral contraceptives.
    • Genetic inheritance.
    • Obesity or overweight.
    • Gender. Women are more likely to suffer from spider veins.
    • Standing or sitting for prolonged periods of time.
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