Lip Micropigmentation in the Canary Islands

Improve the look of your lips permanently

Improve your lips with micropigmentation

Lip micropigmentation is a semi-permanent lip makeup that allows you to restore imperfections, make the area of the mouth more aesthetic in terms of beauty and harmony, and finally balance the face. You can achieve to go from dark lips to more rosy lips. With lip micropigmentation we achieve greater intensity and naturalness in makeup.

Micropigmentation is an aesthetic method that is based on implementing pigments in the skin using small needles. In addition to the lips, micropigmentation can be used on the eyebrows to perfect them and on the eyes. When used on the lips it is used to reduce asymmetries and give them color.

Another use of micropigmentation is to fix the appearance of the skin after surgery and to paint the areola or nipple after a mastectomy.

micropigmentación de labios en Canarias

Micropigmentation of lips step by step

The process begins with a light drawing of the contour of the lips, in order to determine the area to be pigmented. As soon as this drawing is done, the micropigmentation can begin with a special pigment on the line of the drawing that has been done.

Once the area has been cleaned, we proceed to use the appropriate pigment to complete the lips, in small back and forth movements. The objective is to fill in the lips in the most appropriate way, first the upper lip and then we move on to the lower lip. We make a first pass and then a second one so that the result is of the highest quality.

When we finish this process and some days later, the lips will be a little swollen and may be a little irritated. This is normal. This situation usually improves quickly as the days go by. If a crust forms, our specialist will recommend the use of a special cream to prevent peeling.

It is common for the color of the lips to look more intense after micropigmentation, this intensity will be reduced by more than half after a few days.

Lip design with micropigmentation

The design of the final appearance of your mouth is a fundamental variable that makes lip micropigmentation so successful. We know that for you to feel good the design has to be perfect and have a natural finish to always look amazing. 

Finding the lip design that best suits the features of your face is vital, and that is why we give it the importance it deserves. Behind each design is to define the contour of the lip, disguise asymmetries and darken the tone of the mucosa giving a more attractive appearance on the face. This means that it will try to soften the jaw line and a large nose.

    Advantages of micropigmentation

    Micropigmentation on the lips is used to blur some asymmetries, restore the contour and restore color to the mucosa.

    You will be able to stop using lipstick because by using a simple gloss you will get a natural result. That is why it is the best solution to have spectacular lips at any time without resorting to lipstick.

    Micropigmentation of the lips is used for:

    • Outline the lips
    • Increase the volume of the lips.
    • Restore asymmetries.
    • Restore blurred lips.
    • Restore wrinkled lips.
    • Lips in men.

      Frequently Asked Questions about Permanent Lip Makeup at ICA

      Price of lip micropigmentation

      Lip micropigmentation costs around 350€ - 600€, depending on the case and the circumstances of each person. In any case, we recommend that you make an appointment so that we can study your case.

      Is lip micropigmentation safe?

      Lip micropigmentation is completely safe. In any case, before applying this technique, the patient undergoes a test to see if he/she has any type of allergy to the components and substances that are going to be used.

      How is the recovery from micropigmentation?

      Recovery from this lip micropigmentation treatment usually takes about 7 days. Throughout this week we always advise you to take certain precautions so that the result is the best. Things like avoiding the use of makeup, cleaning the lips well with serum and using factor 50 cream to avoid UVA rays affect the lips.

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