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Gastric Sleeve

The gastric sleeve is the least invasive bariatric surgery, since it uses the laparoscopic technique, which allows us to reduce the size of our stomach by up to 80%. This reduces hunger, generates a greater feeling of satiety and improves our relationship with food.

In Clínica ICA we are committed to carry out an exhaustive follow-up of the evolution of each patient during the whole year after the operation. We will advise you to change your eating habits for good and improve your health and well-being.

Gastric balloon

There are numerous treatments available for weight loss. Each one has its particular characteristics, its pros and cons, and that is why we have to know them all well to make the best possible decision.

One of the most demanded treatments by patients who come to our clinic is the gastric balloon. It is a treatment with which weight loss occurs quickly and effectively, and is one of the most effective to control the dreaded rebound effect.

Personalized weight loss

To lose weight it is necessary to have the right professional advice and willpower.

That is why at Clínica ICA we have the best professionals who will help you follow your weight loss plan to achieve your goals in the best way and in the shortest time possible.


Nutritional assistance is a personalized nutrition service that not only takes into account the healthy foods we should eat, but also how they can affect the different processes that our body performs.

In recent years, nutrition can be increasingly personalized thanks to the emergence of nutrigenetics, which consists of studying the relationship between food and genetics of each person, in a completely individualized way.









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