Tattoo Removal

Get rid of your tattoos in a simple way with laser

Removal of tattoos with laser in the Canary Islands

Tattoo removal is a very demanded treatment nowadays in today's society. There are many different reasons why a person may want to remove a tattoo...

In turn, there are many reasons why you can get a tattoo that you might later want to remove: love, life circumstances with which you no longer identify, or many other factors. At Clínica ICA we help you get rid of your tattoos in the easiest and most comfortable way possible.

eliminar tatuajes en Canarias

How are tattoos removed?

Tattoo removal is a process that is carried out in order to erase a tattoo that you do not want to keep. Nowadays, the most frequent techniques to carry out this intervention are laser surgery, surgical removal and dermabrasion.

The tattoo ink is located underneath the epidermis, which makes the tattoo removal process more difficult and increases the cost compared to the process of getting one.

If you are interested in having one of your tattoos removed you can make an appointment with one of our specialists. Never attempt to remove a tattoo on your own. Although there are creams on the market for you to do it on your own, they are not very effective and can damage the skin causing irritation and other discomfort.

If you are unhappy with a tattoo or you regret having it done, it is best that you consider having the tattoo removed by professionals. At Clínica ICA we have access to the latest techniques for the removal of these decorations and we will advise you on which is the best option for you.

How laser treatment works?

In today's world every tattoo is suitable for removal using a laser or what is the same, by means of a pulsed light mechanism called Q-swtched. This laser is applied in the removal of tattoos on the ink fragments for a nanosecond, avoiding damaging the skin or causing burns.

This method of tattoo removal is based on the segmentation of the ink particles that make up the tattoo into smaller ones that are spread on the skin; and later the lymphatic system eliminates them.

Laser tattoo removal is the best technique, it is painless. However, some factors that may influence the result must be taken into account:

  • The person who has had the tattoo done: professional or amateur.
  • What technique has been used, as this will give us the information to know the depth of the skin where the ink is located.
  • The quality of the compounds used to make the tattoo.
  • The colors that make up the tattoo. Black is the easiest to remove. The most difficult are green, yellow, red and white.
  • The length of time the tattoo has been done.
  • The size of the tattoo.

All the factors we have mentioned give us the necessary information to know the work that will be required to remove a tattoo.

    Is tattoo removal safe?

    The laser is safe and does not leave scars, but you must follow the instructions given by the expert:

    • Apply a special ointment for seven to ten days.
    • Avoid exposure to the sun, sweat and other heat sources.
    • Do not use swimming pools, saunas or public showers for a reasonable time to prevent possible infections. If possible, it is best to avoid swimming pools, saunas and public showers to prevent possible infections.

      Frequently asked questions about laser tattooing at ICA

      How many sessions are needed?

      It should not be overlooked that the process of removing a tattoo is lengthy, especially if the tattoo is large. For an image of 100 square centimeters in size, 5-8 sessions of about 20 minutes each would be necessary. At least 5 weeks should have passed between sessions. This could translate to about six months, in the best case scenario.

      How much does tattoo removal cost?

      ¿How much would you pay to have your ex's name removed from your arm or the symbol that you liked so much when you were 15, but now that you have grown up you can't tolerate it?

      As in other services the price to remove a tattoo depends. It depends on the size. However, in general it is usual that each session costs about 60€ approximately per session.

      How is the tattoo removal process?

      The use of the laser is painless. For this treatment an anesthetic cream can be applied, although the sensation of the pulse of energy is perceived, it is similar to a prick. Cold is also applied to further reduce discomfort.

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