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The best Botox treatments in the Canary Islands

At Clínica ICA we have a team of aesthetic doctors specialised in the elimination of wrinkles and facial imperfections. If you want to improve the appearance of your face or get a smoother face, do not hesitate to contact us.

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What is Botox?

Surely you have heard of this substance. Everywhere you look, models, actresses, and other public figures who make a living from their image use it to maintain a more youthful appearance. Over the last few years, the use of this substance has been democratised, and now a large majority of the general public also use it to improve their aesthetics and hide the passage of time.

But what exactly is this substance? Botox or botulinum toxin is a neurotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, and is the most potent toxin discovered to date.

Interestingly, it is this ability to produce muscle paralysis that gives Botox its beneficial properties as a medicine. This is because it can be used as a beauty tool, being able to correct the imperfections caused in the skin by the passage of time, such as expression wrinkles.

How Botox treatment works

Botox is injected into the skin with a very fine needle in the dosage considered by the professional in charge of carrying out the work. These injections are made in the different points that we have determined that it is necessary to treat during the initial evaluation of your case.

One of the great advantages of Botox treatment at ICA is that the injections are virtually unnoticeable. The treatment usually takes about 15 minutes and is completely painless.

In the preliminary assessment, we will ask you to gesture by moving your eyebrows, frowning, making an angry face, smiling tightly, etc. In this way, the team in charge of evaluating you can diagnose the areas where Botox injections are necessary..

Each individual is different, no two people are the same, therefore each case must be treated on the basis of its differential anatomy. If you want to improve the appearance of your face in the most comfortable way, make an appointment and we will start your personalised diagnosis.

Botox for wrinkles

The most common use of Botox is to eliminate wrinkles and other imperfections. Get a radiant face in just a few minutes and without side effects.

Botox for hyperhidrosis

One of the most innovative uses of this substance is the elimination of excessive underarm sweating.

If you suffer from hyperhidrosis and all the problems it entails, this treatment is the most suitable for you.


Botox for bruxism in the Canary Islands

Do you suffer from bruxism, does your jaw ache after sleeping? Then Botox treatment for bruxism is one of the best alternatives.

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    Frequently asked questions about Botox in the Canaries

    What is Botox for?

    As we have already said, Botox is a great tool in aesthetic medicine due to its powerful effect as a toxin that produces muscle paralysis.

    Due to this effect, botulinum toxin can be used to temporarily remove expression wrinkles from the face.

    Botox is particularly suitable for removing dynamic wrinkles, which are wrinkles that form when we move certain muscles in the face.

    The main areas where Botox is injected are:

    • In the forehead area, where there are many expression wrinkles.
    • In the periorbital part of the face, next to the eyes, where the famous crow's feet tend to form.
    • Between the eyebrows, where wrinkles are constantly forming due to movement.

    On the other hand, Botox treatment in the Canary Islands is also used to treat other secondary problems, such as hyperhidrosis or bruxism.

    How long does Botox take to work?

    We all like the solution to our problems to be quick, easy and economical. And of course, in the world of aesthetics, this is a typical request from patients.

    Well, Botox treatment is your ally if you are looking for a solution that works quickly to correct expression wrinkles, as its effect is noticeable almost instantly.

    In the first 48-72 hours you will begin to notice muscle paralysis. Little by little this phenomenon increases until it reaches its peak in a matter of 7-10 days. From then on, the effect of the Botox remains at an average level for the next 4-6 months, which is when the effect disappears.

    This means that you will notice the visual results in just a couple of days, and from the tenth day onwards you will be able to see the final results.

    Why does Botox remove wrinkles?

    As we have already mentioned, Botox removes wrinkles due to its paralysing effect. When it is injected into the different points of the face we manage to paralyse the muscles that are responsible for regulating the different expressions, and in this way we prevent wrinkles from appearing.

    Furthermore, the use of Botox from an early age is capable of delaying the appearance of these expression wrinkles, as it will prevent us from repeating these gestures over and over again. That is why if the patient is old enough to be treated with Botox, it can be a very good option to start a treatment so that it has a palliative effect for the future.

    At Clínica ICA we bring you the best Botox treatment in Tenerife and La Palma so that you can eliminate your expression wrinkles once and for all.

    How much does Botox treatment in the Canary Islands cost?

    The price of the Botox procedure varies greatly depending on which areas of your body are to be treated. Normally the most common sessions cover the application of Botox to the entire upper third of the face, although sometimes it is also possible to work only on a specific area.

    At Clínica ICA we want to give you the price that best suits your needs. That is why we will carry out a preliminary study of your case and we will give you a unique quote based on you.

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