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Endodontic Treatment

An endodontic or a root canal treatment is a procedure used to remove all or part of the pulp of the tooth, which is the area where the veins and nerves of the tooth are located, and then seal the canal.

An endodontic treatment is mainly performed to remove the pulp of an affected tooth and to avoid extraction. When extracted, the inside of the tooth is left as clean and aseptic as possible.


Periodontology is the specialty that covers the treatment of periodontal diseases, i.e. those caused by the accumulation of bacterial plaque and tartar in the neck of the teeth, the gum line (gingivitis) and below the gum line (periodontitis).

For the treatment of gingivitis, periodontics performs an oral cleaning to remove plaque and tartar. At the same time, the necessary oral hygiene criteria are explained to the patient so that gingivitis does not reappear. In general, everyone should go to the dentist's office to have their teeth cleaned at least once a year.


Prophylaxis or dental cleaning consists in the removal of bacterial plaque and tartar calculus formed around the teeth. This treatment can be performed with manual instruments with ultrasound or other electromechanical instruments, depending on the case.

Dental radiology

Dental radiology allows to create images of the mouth and teeth, to diagnose dental problems in advance in order to correct them and prevent further damage, teeth that have not yet erupted, fractured jaws, position and size of the teeth and other problems of the teeth and jaw bones.

Dentists use dental radiology as an element of dental prevention, as it allows them to make more accurate diagnoses, determine optimal treatments and provide subsequent follow-up.

Dental radiology is also used before dental implants or dental surgery, as a complement to orthopantomography or teleradiography.


Dental implant treatment is one of the most requested by ICA patients. Its objective is the replacement of one or several teeth with the integration of implants on the bone, which will serve as support for crowns and dentures.

Implants are not only an esthetic treatment, but thanks to them the patient recovers the functionality of his teeth.

The ideal candidates for this treatment are those who have suffered the loss of a tooth due to trauma, agenesis or absence of the tooth from birth. In these cases, the best solution is the placement of a dental implant. The reasons, apart from aesthetic, are also health-related: the absence of a tooth can cause future problems such as loss of bone and functionality.



Many people who wish to correct dental crowding and improve the esthetics and functionality of their teeth are looking for solutions that have a reduced visual impact. It is possible to have incredible teeth without anyone noticing that you are wearing orthodontic treatment.

Invisalign® treatment is fully digitized from start to finish. The patient must wear a series of clear, removable aligners, custom-made from polycarbonate, which individually exert light pressure on the teeth. 

Damon Clear System

Damon Clear

Revolutionary passive self-bonding orthodontic technique that solves bite alignment problems in patients. What makes Damon® brackets different is that they are much softer, faster and more comfortable than traditional brackets.


The treatment of dental veneers is another of the most successful in the area of dental aesthetics. Veneers are nothing more than thin cosmetic veneers made from porcelain that are placed on the outside of the teeth.


Some patients opt for tooth whitening to recover the lost whiteness of their teeth and thus improve the aesthetics of their smile.The consumption of certain foods and beverages causes the teeth to darken over time. At ICA we offer LED tooth whitening treatment.

This procedure, which is performed with the cold light technique, is perfect for those who want to whiten their teeth and show off a beautiful smile.











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